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Shenzhen Ferry Smart Co., Ltd.

We have been focusing on the optimized construction of wireless communication transmission mechanism and the provision of wireless audio and video transmission solutions, and we have been unremittingly developing core technical capabilities in low-power IOT scenarios such as wireless transmission, radar sensing, and high-precision positioning. Abundant and diverse data and information can be brought to everyone, every family, and every organization in a simple and accessible way, building a smart world of interconnection of all things, allowing ubiquitous connections and smarting our lives; letting wireless transmission have no boundaries , Make smart at your fingertips; business covers a wide range of IOT scenarios such as smart light control, wireless audio and video transmission, smart home appliances, security monitoring, etc.

  • 10more than 10 invention patents

  • 50More than 50 listed companies provide products and services

  • 1000More than 1000 customers in Greater China

team introduction

team introduction

The company has a strong technical background and the team comes from the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Internationally renowned communications millimeter wave enterprise experts lead the technical team, and R&D personnel account for more than 70ϿIt has millimeter wave radio frequency circuit, multi-array antenna design, integrated circuit, radio frequency test system development capabilities; radar algorithm, artificial intelligence algorithm research and development capabilities. Products cover 5.8G, 10G, 24G and 79G CW/FMCW/FSK radars in multiple frequency bands. Combined with years of solid WIFI product development capabilities, deep integration of communication and sensing, widely used in smart homes, lighting, small home appliances, security and other extensive Internet of Things use scenarios; the company independently researches and develops related radio frequency and hardware automated test equipment, and establishes Enterprise standards closely related to radio frequency products; pioneered UWB centimeter-level high-precision positioning , Strong penetrating ability, long positioning distance, large-scale networking, cross-floor complex space positioning, low power consumption and high availability.

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